Scripture reading: Scriptures in Questions and Answers

In this lesson we will pause to review a little by having a quiz on some things we have studied thus far concerning A Man Named Paul. The answers will be found in the previous lessons and in Acts chapters 7-28. As you meditate and answer these questions from the Bible, write your answers on a piece of paper and then check yourself with the correct answers at the end of the lesson. Be sure to finish all the questions before looking at the answers.


  1. Where do we find the first mention of Paul (or Saul, as he was called then)?
  2. Was Paul agreeing with the death of Stephen?
  3. What was Paul doing at the time according to Acts 8:3?
  4. Was Paul saved at this time?
  5. Where do we find in the Bible concerning Paul becoming a Christian?
  6. What was the first thing Paul said when he was saved? (Acts 9:6)
  7. In Acts 9:15 and 16, (a) What did the Lord call Paul? (b) Who was Paul to go to? (c) What two things was Paul to do?
  8. Name some of the trials and sufferings Paul experienced because he preached that Jesus was the Christ? (Acts 14:19; 6:22-23; 16:24)
  9. Who was saved in Acts 16 as a result of Paul’s testimony?
  10. What did Paul have to say to the Jews in Acts 13:36Acts 18:6, and Acts 28:28?


(Answers found below the line.)


  1. Acts 7:58, at the stoning of Stephen.
  2. Yes, Acts 8:1.
  3. He was trying to tear up the churches, and put people who worshipped Christ in jail.
  4. No, Paul was “religious” but not a real Christian, because He did not believe that Jesus was the Son of God, and he did not believe that Jesus had died for his sins on the cross of Cavary. See the last part of lesson 1 and lessons 2 and 3.
  5. In Acts 9 (see lesson 3 also).
  6. “Lord, what will you have me do” (Acts 9:6). He wanted to do the will of the Lord, not his own will.
  7. (a) “a chosen vessel unto me.” (b) Gentiles, kings, and Jews. (c) Bear the name of Jesus Christ before all people and suffer for Christ’s sake.
  8. He was stoned (Acts 14:19). He was beaten (Acts 16:22-23). He was put in prison and chained (Acts 16:24).
  9. The jailor.
  10. “We turn to the Gentiles.”