Grace Bible Church publishes Bible study books, booklets, and tracts as a ministry for the Lord. The materials are available free for your personal use or for use in teaching a Bible class. We have also made available certain of our Bible study books and booklets in eBook format, including ePUB (general eBook format) MOBI (Amazon Kindle format), and PDF (Acrobat Reader format). If you would like to order actual books or eBooks, just Contact Us, and we will be glad to send you the materials.

  • Books by Gregg BingBooks by Gregg Bing
    Gregg Bing is the current Pastor of Grace Bible Church in Fort Worth, Texas. He has attended the church all his life under the ministries of pastors Ike Sidebottom and Charles Wages. He began teaching and preaching when he was about 19 years old. He served as Associate Pastor under the direction of Pastor Wages for 13 years before becoming Pastor in 2003.
  • Books by Charles WagesBooks by Charles Wages
    Charles Wages served as pastor of Grace Bible Church in Fort Worth, Texas, for 37 years, from 1966 to 2002. He was a gracious man who had a real heart for ministering the Word of God to people. Not only did he serve as a pastor for over 60 years, he also taught a radio Bible class for 21 years, and worked in the school business as well. He is now at home with the Lord.
  • Books by Beverly WagesBooks by Beverly Wages
    Beverly Wages was the wife of Pastor Charles Wages. During his 37 years of service as pastor of this work, she faithfully served as church secretary. She devoted most of her life to teaching God’s Word to both women and children. She taught the ladies class at the church for many, many years, as well as directing and teaching in Sunday school, VBS, and camps. She is now at home with the Lord.
  • Books by Ike SidebottomBooks by Ike Sidebottom
    Ike T. Sidebottom, affectionately known as “Brother Ike,” was the founding pastor of College Avenue Church where he served from its inception in 1929 until 1965. Brother Ike was an astute student of God’s Word whose emphasis upon a “right division” of the Scriptures helped lead countless numbers of people to a deeper understanding of the Bible. He is now at home with the Lord.
  • Books by R. B. ShifletBooks by R. B. Shiflet
    R. B. Shiflet was the founding Pastor of Eleventh Avenue Church in Mineral Wells, Texas where he ministered the Word for over 60 years. He began his ministry serving as Associate Pastor with Pastor Ike Sidebottom at College Avenue Church for 5 years. He then moved to Mineral Wells where he not only pastored a church, but also worked in the public school system for almost 30 years. He is now at home with the Lord.
  • Books by John LaVierBooks by John LaVier
    John LaVier was Senior Pastor of Grace Church in Indianapolis, Indiana for 47 years before retiring in 1992. He spent a lifetime preaching, teaching, and writing in the ministry of the Lord. He began in North Shore Church in Chicago assisting Pastor J.C. O’Hair. He also served as editor of The Morning Star, a Biblically oriented paper, for many years with John Verleur and Harry Bultema. He is now at home with the Lord.