Scripture Reading: Colossians 3

In the first three verses of this chapter, we see several things that are very important to all Christians. If we desire to live for the wonderful Lord who saved us, we should heed these verses. In the first place, we are told to seek things which are above. Or, we could say, we should look to spiritual things. So many times our minds, hearts and affections are on earthly things or material things. We think of things we want to have that will make us comfortable or things to play with or things that satisfy our flesh. In this chapter the Lord is teaching us, through Paul, that we should seek or look for heavenly things—spiritual things. We should set our affections on things above, not on things of this earth. We should desire spiritual blessings and spiritual things that would keep our minds on Christ.

One day recently I saw three young boys who had been caught stealing and doing other crimes. When they were asked why they did these things, they replied that they wanted money to buy things that some of their friends had. Their whole thoughts were on owning material things, and it didn’t matter how they got them. This was an extreme case, and probably these boys were not even Christians. However, even Christian boys and girls (and adults too) need to take the warning given here to look for heavenly things, and set our affection on things above.

If we read and study all this chapter, we will see how we can do this. We are told, in verse 10, that we should let our new nature rule in our lives. Reading God's WordThis is the new person that the Lord instills within us when we are saved. Verse 16 tells us that we should “let the word of God dwell” in us. This verse also tells us that this Word of God teaches us. It is from the Word that we obtain wisdom. Verse 17 is a favorite verse of mine. If you haven’t learned this verse, perhaps you will memorize it. It tells us that whatever we do or say, we should do all in our Saviour’s name. This means that we should do it for the glory of the Lord. This would change our attitude concerning material things we want for ourselves. We would desire that all things be for our Lord.

The remainder of this chapter speaks to different members of a family and household. Then in verse 23, it concludes by telling us to do all things from our hearts to the Lord.

This message is part of the things that the Lord told Paul to give to us today. Our lives and our worship should be done from our hearts as unto the Lord. All things should be done to please the Lord, not to please ourselves.

Many people want to go back to a message given to the Jews. They want to see miracles, and things that satisfy the human part of us. The Lord wants us to worship Him “heartily (from the heart) as to the Lord, and not unto men.”

I trust you will read all the Scripture text again and again, and let the Lord lead you in your service, work, and worship for Him.