In this chapter we will study concerning the hands and how they, too, can be used for the Lord; but how they are often used for evil purposes. Using Our Hands to Serve the LordI have had many boys and girls ask, “How can hands be used for the Lord?” I sometimes give the boys and girls some tracts which tell a person how to be saved, and ask them to hand them to someone. When they do this, then they can see one way in which their hands were used for the Lord. There are many ways in which our hands can be used of the Lord. As I sit here at my typewriter, I can see that hands can type for the Lord. I know a lady who is a very sweet Christian. She types memory verses each month for many of her friends to use in their homes. This surely is using her hands for the Lord. Of couse, our hands must be clean hands (Psalms 24:3-4) in order to be used for the glory of the Lord. Again, like using our spiritual ears, let us think of using our hands in a spiritual way.

On the next page I will give you a Bible verse matching quiz which I feel will be of much help to you in seeing what kind of hands we should have and what they should do. Some of the Scriptures will show how our hands are not to be used. Look up each Scripture in Column B and match it to the word in Column A. For example, in Micah 7:3 we read, “That they may be evil with both hands earnestly….” Number l then will be placed by “evil hands” in Column A. Match all the Scriptures with one of the words, and check your answers in the back of the book. Also, study each Scripture you look up to see what the Lord tells you about your hands.


Column A

  • _____ Helpful hands
  • _____ Cleansed hands
  • _____ Generous hands
  • _____ Surrendered hands
  • _____ Holy hands
  • _____ Idle hands
  • _____ Lazy hands
  • _____ Mischievous hands
  • _____ Evil hands
  • _____ Stained hands
  • _____ Idolatrous hands


Be sure to look up all the Scriptures and match the numbers before you turn to the back of the book and find the answers.