This lesson will be in the form of a quiz. However, I hope you will do much studying from the Scriptures that are given with each rhyme, so that you can get the full lesson from God’s Word. Then write the name of the Bible character that goes with each rhyme on the line below. The answers will be in the back of the book—but don’t peek! Work all the six out before checking your answers. You will get a blessing from each account from the Bible, if you will take time to read each one.

    Joseph Sold into Slavery

  1. He gave a message
    To Pharoah’s waiters
    And received the answer
    Two years later.

  2. (Genesis 40)

    Isaiah, the Prophet

  3. He knew how to preach,
    To rebuke, and to inspire:
    For his lips had been touched
    By the altar’s fire.

  4. (Isaiah 6)

    The Walls of Jericho

  5. When Moses died
    He led the band
    Over the river to
    Canaan’s land.

  6. (Deut. 31Joshua 1)

    Elijah the Prophet

  7. He proved to the people
    On Carmel’s height
    That the God he served
    Was the God of might.

  8. (I King 18)

    John the Baptist

  9. In the wilderness of Judaea
    His voice rang clear,
    “Repent, for the kingdom
    Of heaven is near.”

  10. (Matthew 3)

    Jacob's Ladder

  11. He worked seven years
    And won the wrong wife.
    He traveled to Egypt
    The last part of his life.

  12. (Genesis 29-46)

(Answers to quiz are found in the back of the book.)