“Almost Right is Wrong”

This a little motto that I used to see each time I went into the local bank where we used to live. I’m sure that the banker was thinking of material things when this motto was put up. However, I have thought a good bit about this concerning spiritual things, and concerning our study of God’s Word. Too many times, boys and girls, as well as adults, listen to others tell of certain happenings in the Bible or of Bible stories and take what someone says concerning the subject and many times these things are “almost right—but wrong.”

Child reading the BibleThere are many things that we could bring out that we have noticed recently about things that writers add to the actual account of Bible stories. We won’t go into all these things, however. My purpose of this lesson is just to get you boys and girls to go to the Word of the Lord for your final authority before accepting any Bible teaching. The Lord surely tells us that He gives teachers and preachers to help guide us into the studies of His Word. We are all weak, however, and prone to make mistakes, so it would be good for us all to look into the Bible to see what we should accept. A sincere teacher may follow along with what she has heard from others and give out something that is not exactly right. A sincere boy or girl may take this and give it to others; when all the time it may be almost right, but wrong. Then, too, there are those that are false teachers and would purposely misrepresent the truth to take glory from the Lord. As you study with me in each of these lessons, I surely hope that you will always look into the Bible and check everything with God’s Word.

In Acts 26 we find the apostle Paul talking to King Agrippa concerning the Lord and how to be saved. The King said to Paul, “Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian.” This man was almost persuaded to be saved and yet refused to do so. In this case being almost right, but wrong meant eternal death and separation from the Lord for this man. So, we may see from this account how tragic it would be to be “almost right, but wrong.” One could be almost true to the Word of God, and yet may add something to it, or leave something out that could change the meaning a good bit. For instance, in most cases the stories will say that three wise men came to worship the Lord Jesus when He was born. As far as I can find in the Scriptures, there is no recording of how many wise men came. Also, we find as we read the newspaper stories that the authors speak of December the 25th as the day that Christ was born. We find in Luke, chapter 2, “For unto you is born `this day …’ in the city of David a Savior, ….” Once again I will say that as far as I can see in the Bible it doesn’t tell us the exact date of His birth.

I know that some of you are saying that these things are so small and unimportant. That may be true in this case, but remember that the devil is very clever and smart, and if he can get us to take someone’s word for details instead of going to the Word and taking God’s Word, then he may succeed in getting us mixed up on things that will greatly affect our lives for Christ.

In the first place, Satan will try to get unsaved people confused on how to be saved. This is most easily done by ministers who will give out the plan of salvation almost right, but wrong. Some will say that you must accept Christ and then be baptized and join some church, then you are saved. This would be partly right, partly wrong. The Scripture surely teaches us that we must accept Christ (believe in our hearts), but nowhere does the Scripture tell us that today we must be baptized in water and join a church to be saved. So, you can see how Satan can use even a minister who will preach the Word almost right, but wrong. Search the Scriptures!