None but a fool can deny there’s a God,
Who created the sea and sky and sod.
Naught will befall him but sorrow and grief,
For death is the price of his disbelief!

Proofs of God’s glory abound far and wide—,
The great wonders He wrought, nothing can hide.
So one who believes in Satan’s great ruse
Is guilty of sin and has no excuse.

The life which the Father deigned to bestow
Is for believers to have and to know.
But those who refuse the gift of rebirth
Are bound to the prince of darkness on earth!

Truth notwithstanding, man courts his own fall,
Rejecting faith in the Savior of all
Who accept the redemptive work He has done
As the Son of God and as God the Son.

The world has no wealth worthy of mention;
Man owns none that deserves God’s attention.
There’s no real treasure this side of Glory;
Hope lies only in salvation’s story.

But God shed His grace, His mercy and peace;
His Son paid the price for darkness to cease,
That the light of deliverance might shine through
To all that believe His gospel is true!

(From the book — The Hope of Glory)