Gregg Bing - June 4, 2023

Total Depravity - 4

A Scriptural Look at Calvinism

We continue our studies of the first tenet of Calvinism, Total depravity. We look at how the Jews of Jesus' day had ample opportunity to hear and know the truth, and to believe that they might be saved. We look at Jesus' teachings found in John 5, 12, and 15, as well as Paul's description of how the word of faith was clearly preached to Israel, but they stubbornly rejected it (Romans 10).

Scripture References: Romans 10:1-21, John 5:31-47, John 12:35-50, John 15:22-24

From Series: "A Scriptural Look at Calvinism"

In this series, we examine the 5 points of Calvinism, typically specified by the TULIP acronym, to see whether they are consistent with the teachings of Scripture.

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