Gregg Bing - February 4, 2018

Ruth's Lowly Service

Ruth - A Story of Redemption

Ruth humbles herself and gleans in the fields as a foreigner out of love for her mother-in-law, Naomi.

Scripture References: Ruth 2:1-6

From Series: "Ruth - A Story of Redemption"

This series of Bible messages explores the book of Ruth, an account of events which took place during the Judges period, a dark time in the history of God's people, Israel. It is one of only two books of the Bible named for women. Ruth, a Moabitess, is a woman of great faith and devotion to God. This book describes how she comes to marry a man named Boaz, who agrres to serve as a kinsman redeemer for her, and in doing so, provides a beautiful picture of the work of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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