Gregg Bing - February 13, 2022

Israel's Response to the King - 4

The Parables of Jesus

Part 5 - "Israel's Response to the King - 4" (Matthew 12:1-21) - We continue looking at Israel's response to their King, the Lord Jesus. Jesus and His apostles are confronted by the Pharisees over what they view as unlawful acts on the Sabbath. Jesus corrects their misunderstanding of the purpose of the Sabbath and asserts that He is Lord, even of the Sabbath. Being enraged, the Pharisees went out and plotted together how they might destroy Jesus.

Scripture References: Isaiah 42:1-4, Matthew 23:23-28, 1 Samuel 21:1-6, Matthew 12:1-21

From Series: "The Parables of Jesus"

In this series, we study Jesus' use of parables as a teaching tool, looking at how and why Jesus used parables, as well as examining the major parables recorded in the synoptic gospels.

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