Gregg Bing - March 24, 2019

The Trinity - Subordination of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit

All three persons of the Godhead exist co-equally and co-eternally, however, there is a sense in which the Holy Spirit is subordinate to the Father and to the Son. The Holy Spirit proceeds from (is sent by) both the Father and the Son. The role of the Holy Spirit is also subordinate to the Father and the Son in that He speaks what He hears from Them, and He speaks in order to glorify the Son. Yet, during the earthly ministry of the Lord Jesus, the Holy Spirit actually comes upon Him and empowers Him throughout His ministry. However, in regard to the person of the Holy Spirit, He is in no way inferior to the Father or the Son.

From Series: "The Holy Spirit"

In this series of Bible studies, we look at the person and work of the third person of the Godhead, the Holy Spirit.

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