A dispensational outline study of Paul’s epistle to the Ephesians. As we open our Bibles to the text of this rich letter, we are indeed on holy ground. Nowhere in all of the world’s literature can we find such profound truth stated so simply, yet so majestically. Before us lies the truth that can liberate the believer and lift him from the shackles of this world to the sphere of all spiritual blessings in the heavenlies in Christ Jesus! (87 pp.)

This book is not available on-line, but an outline of the book is available below:


Section I. The Christian’s Belief — Doctrine (1:3 – 3:21)

  1. Our Possessions (1:3-14)
  2. Our Prayer for Knowledge (1:15-23)
  3. Our Possessions (1:3-14)
  4. Our Position (2:1-22)
  5. Our Purpose (3:1-13)
  6. Our Prayer for Power (3:14-21)

Section II. The Christian’s Behavior — Deportment(4:1 – 6:22)

  1. The Walk of the Christian (4:1 5:17)
  2. The Witness of the Christian (5:18-6:9)
  3. The Warfare of the Christian (6:10-22
  4. The Warfare of the Christian (6:10-22