“Why, oh Lord, do you make me wait
When I want to run and lengthen my gait?
I know what I need and I have a plan.
You know, oh Lord, I’m no ordinary man.
I’ve been to school and I’ve done quite well,
I’m ready to act at the sound of the bell.
There’s work to be done — so what’s my fate,
Why, oh Lord, do you make me wait?”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Precious child, you’ve a lot to learn,
My leading hand — don’t start to spurn,
Of My disciplines here you shan’t be free,
All lasting work must start with Me.
Your achievements here have little to do
With the work of grace I’ve begun in you,
For you can offer nothing to Me
But a yielded heart of a man set free.
I have the power, and I know what to do,
Oh, won’t you let Me work through you,
For you really can do nothing for Me,
But, in My Son, I’ve done all for thee.
So give Me your heart and give Me your hand,
Only then you’ll be no ordinary man,
For in your life My Son will grow,
And to the world you’ll be something to show.
Surrender your will and give Me your fate,
And resting in Me, learn to wait,
For I do all things to glorify Me,
And you’ll find My will is best for thee.”