Sometimes I find I’m saddened
When I think back o’er my life,
About some of my relationships
That ended in pain and strife.

Friends with whom I once laughed,
We no longer communicate,
Each one has gone his own way,
And some chose to retaliate.

How have we failed, what have we done,
That things came out this way?
I’m afraid that pride and selfishness
Have had a lot to say.

Concerning love and wisdom,
In these I’ve found a lack,
If I could only make a choice again,
But choices don’t come back.

God, make me now Your instrument,
In meekness may I be led,
Put love in me to be set forth
In all things, done and said.

Grant wisdom, too, as I go on
And live my life each day,
That my choices are good and pleasing,
As I walk the Christian way.

Please take my mind and take my heart,
Set my spirit free …
That all may know the love of God
As You life Your life in me.

“That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith; that ye,
being rooted and grounded in love.” —Ephesians 3:17