An old year has ended, a new one begun;
Another grim chapter is over and done.
What will you do with this new and fresh start:
Repeat past performance—or examine your heart?

It’s true that the usual thing that we do
Is to ‘hereby resolve’ to improve and renew
Our past good intentions, good deeds and good cheer;
But this has been proven poor planning, we fear!

For if we rely upon human intent
To accomplish our goals, we will surely relent;
And thus shall we ever and ever repeat
Our former and frequent campaigns of defeat.

What then is the answer, this riddle to solve?
About what sure center does vict’ry revolve?
All answers of truth are found only one way—
And have been forever, the same as today.

God’s Word has, for those who believe on Christ’s name,
The only solution; it’s always the same:
If we will but yield and submit and be true,
Then He will control everything that we do.

If you’re a LOST sinner, just claim Him right now;
And if a SAVED one, then God’s will allow.
Thus you can truly allay that old fear,
And know the real joy of a HAPPY NEW YEAR!