God searched the dark alleys looking for me,
Knowing all the while just where I’d be.
He wanted to meet me face to face
When He offered me His saving grace.

Grace that would lift me from out of my sin,
Let me start living my life once again.
Wonderful, marvelous, infinite grace,
Nothing else can take its place.

As I stood there on that warm, summer night,
Looking up at the heavens with stars so bright,
I first heard a voice, then felt a nudge.
I knew it was God waiting for my hug.

So I chose a star from the sky that night,
The furthest one with the brightest light.
So undeserving of His love and grace,
I was ready to live with Him in His heavenly place.

So, thank You, God, for this second chance
To be forgiven for the things I’ve done.
I know it now, but not at the time,
I helped to bring on the death of Your Son.

Jesus, I know the story is true,
It’s all about me and all about You.
So, thank You for mercy shown to me,
As You hung on the cross of Calvary.