The outflow of love from the God of all grace
Removed every sign, every stain, every trace
Of the shame we deserve in our infamous lives,
And forever redeems and restores and revives.

That which was lost and without any hope,
Is committed to heaven’s infinite scope
Of perfection and glory and joy without end—
Eternity in His presence to spend.

Who can determine the mind of our God?
How can a love such as His we applaud
And appraise and return as we should,
When no mortal man in His place ever stood?

Who else ever claimed to achieve perfect peace,
Or sought, by shed blood, shackled souls to release?
To Him be the praise, Whose own Son atoned
For the sins of a world which perdition has owned!

Have you received the new life that He gave,
This One Who alone is able to save?
Have you become the sanctified child
Of this Great Redeemer the world has reviled?

Never was any man’s righteousness earned
By moral repentance nor by iniquity spurned;
But by grace through faith salvation is mine—
And it can be yours by His will divine!