Scripture Reading: Proverbs 31:10-31

It would be of much benefit to any one reading this lesson, to first read this Scripture from your Bible. Then keep your Bible open as you study the lesson.

This portion of Scripture starts out with a question. “Who can find a virtuous woman?” Then we are told: “her price is far above rubies.” The next verse begins to tell the character and action of a virtuous woman.

First, we should look at what the word “virtue” means. In the dictionary we find that virtue means force or strength of mind and body; courage; moral excellence in action and practice. The Bible dictionary goes along with this, but also gives: moral goodness in thought, feeling, and action; moral excellence such as modesty, purity, power, ability. Faith, hope, love are virtues infused by God.

Verse 11 begins to answer the question set forth in verse 10. We see that her husband has complete trust in her knowing she will only do him good, not evil, all the days of her life. The next verses begin to tell of some of the things that she does. She isn’t afraid to work; in fact it says “willingly.” She wants to work in order to care for her family. It isn’t a feeling of having to do but rather wanting to do it to have her family well taken care of . She isn’t lazy, and would even give up some sleep to rise early in the morning and get things done right for her family. She carries on business, works in the garden, she sews—whatever it takes to provide well for her family. She takes care of herself to see that she has the strength to carry on. Through all this, this virtuous woman doesn’t forget others who have less. She doesn’t neglect her family, but at the same time is not selfish for her own family. “She stretches out her hand to the poor” (vs. 20). Her husband or family never have a reason to be ashamed, because she also provides proper things for herself.

Starting with verse 25, we see more of moral and spiritual things. Verse 25 says, “Strength and honour are her clothing.” The next verse tells us she speaks with wisdom, and kindness. These are attributes that can be used for the glory of our Lord. How does her reward come? Verse 28 is something that every mother should desire. Because of her willingness, unselfishness, her wisdom, and kindness in looking well to the ways of her household, her children rise up and call her blessed. Her husband also praises her.

As Christian women today, we should desire to be virtuous women—one whom this chapter could describe. We could only obtain this as we yield to the Lord. Remember, we must let the Lord infuse faith, hope, and love from Him before we can be virtuous women.

Please read verses 30 and 31 again. The things that seem to mean so much to people in this life are deceitful and vain. But loving the Lord and, having reverential fear of His power, will make a life like this possible. Verse 31 tells us that the only praise we should desire is from the work we are able to do for His glory.