Gregg Bing - September 5, 2021

Christ Baptizing with the Holy Spirit - Part 2

The Baptisms of Scripture

Christ's baptizing with the Holy Spirit took place on the day of Pentecost. While the coming of the Holy Spirit into the world certainly affects believers in this present dispensation of grace, this baptism had special meaning for Israel, and, in particular, was needed to prepare Jesus' twelve apostles for their ministry during the Acts period. In this lesson, we look at the events that set the stage for Pentecost and how they all point to God's dealings with Israel and His offer to them of the restoration of their kingdom.

Scripture References: Acts 1:1-26, Luke 24:44-49

From Series: "The Baptisms of Scripture"

This series of Bible studies examines the many different baptisms found in the Scriptures, looking at the practice and meaning of each. Much focus will be placed on the one baptism that is still in operation today in this present dispensation of God's grace: the baptism by the Holy Spirit that places believers into Christ. These lessons were given during the adult Sunday school class at Grace Bible Church in 2021.

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