Gregg Bing - September 30, 2012

As Prime Minister

Joseph - A Life of Integrity

Pharaoah made Joseph prime minister in charge of seeing Egypt through the years of plenty and famine that were seen in Pharaoah's dreams. Joseph had handled adversity in his life, but how would he handle this great success? Joseph planned wisely to set aside enough food during the years of plenty to enable Egypt to have more than enough to endure the years of famine. And not only Egypt, but all countries affected by the famine, including Joseph's own family in Canaan.

From Series: "Joseph - A Life of Integrity"

The life of Joseph, the favored son of the the patriarch Jacob, provides a wonderful example of a life on integrity. Though his life was filled with trials, hardships, and injustices, he trusted in God no matter what his circumstances. He maintained his integrity, living a life that was faithful, honest, and morally upright, so that God could carry out His purpose in Joseph's life.

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