Gregg Bing - October 14, 2018

The Law Vanishes Away

The Key to Understanding the Bible

Another change that took place after the close of the book of Acts with the setting aside of Israel, was that the law finally vanished away. Most people assume the law ceased at the cross of Christ, but even believing Jews were still zealous for the law throughout the book of Acts. In Colossians 2, Paul shows that the law was only a shadow of good things to come. In Christ, we see the substance of what the law merely pictured.

From Series: "The Key to Understanding the Bible"

The key which unlocks the meaning of God's Word is found in 2 Timothy 2:15: "rightly dividing the Word of truth." This means approaching God's Word from a dispensational perspective; recognizing that throughout history God has dealt with different people, over different time periods, in different ways, and for different purposes. These messages demonstrate the importance of this principle for interpreting and understanding God's Word by providing a dispensational overview of the Bible, from Genesis to the Revelation.

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