Gregg Bing - February 9, 2020

Israel, Gentiles, the Church - Part 3

Dispensational Distinctions

While God dealt with Israel throughout most of the Old Testament, what happened when Jesus came into the world (beginning of the New Testament Scriptures)? Jesus' entrance into the world did not mark the beginning of a new covenant; He lived His entire life under the old covenant of law. His public ministry was limited to "the lost sheep of the house of Israel" to confirm the promises made to the fathers of that nation (Rom. 15:8). The only times He did minister to Gentiles, they had to come to Him understanding their place as outsiders. During this gospels period, the truth concerning the Church, the Body of Christ, remained a mystery, hidden in God.

Scripture References: Matthew 8:5-13, Matthew 10:5-57, Romans 15:8-10, Matthew 16:17-19, Matthew 15:21-28

From Series: "Dispensational Distinctions"

An examination of dispensational distinctions which need to be made in order to understand the Bible. Distinctions such as Israel vs the Gentiles vs the Church; Law vs Grace; Prophecy vs Mystery; the Twelve vs Paul; and many more.

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